ARNO the Hyperflexible Comedian 

He graduated from the Circus- and Theatre-School CAU in Granada. His specialty is solo- and duo acrobatics, physical theatre and object manipulation with staffs.


Since 2005 Arno has been touring with a wide range of fire show companies throughout South- and Eastern Europe. He is cofounder of the circus theatre companies Curious Circus Collective, Dada Zirkus, and Artist Street. He plays in productions of Cia Tetate, Theater Ansicht and TANZ*HOTEL. Additionally he is teaching acrobatics, physical theatre and political performance art in Vienna.

KATA the Cheeky Elegance 

She started her career as a fire and circus artist in 2012. Her specialties on stage are hula hoop, dragon staff and contemporary dance. 


She performs solo as well as with other fire groups such as Infire, Cosmic Circles and Tellus Firearts. Kata participated in the circus production “Identity Taken” of the company Akrosphäre Graz. With her solo project  Hoop R-Evolution she regularly performs black­light, LED and dance shows. She also teaches hoop dance as a certified instructor.

VROVRO the Eccentric Diva

She is a clown and singer/songwriter, also known as Lavanda Kawumm. Besides her acting skills Vrovro impresses with double staffs, poi and live vocals. At the Flame Rain Theatre she also acts as musical director. 


Vrovro studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She is cofounder and performer of the Curious Circus Collective and the performance-duo  Space GirrrlsShe also works as a clown- and improvisational-theatre-trainer.