The Street Festival Show

Big Flames and little catastrophes

This show was developed for street art festivals with much love and dedication. It captivates the audience at every moment due to it's unusually multifaceted nature. One moment explosive acrobatics and special effects take your breath away; the next moment the poetry of harmonious dance choreographies enchants you; only to be interrupted again by hearty laughter over small catastrophes and public interaction. The show constantly changes between action, poetry and humor. The finale is carried by the powerful voice of a song written especially for the show.



Flame Rain Theater combines in this show: physical theater, dance, acrobatics, comedy, singing, juggling, object manipulation and special effects.

Fotos: Stadtmarketing Villach / Marta Gillner Photography (1) Ewald Kahlbacher (2,3,6,7) Magdalena Tuertscher (5)

Video: Liisa Sadovnik

Duration: 40 minutes
                 + set up: 10 minutes
                 + disassemble: 10 minutes
Space requirements: at least 10m x 8m

                                    + 2m safty distance
Equipment and sound system will be provided by us

0043 (0) 660 / 8218211
(Arno Uhl)

0043 (0) 650 / 6363872 (Katharina Nelböck-Hochstetter)

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